Greg Downing Bird Photography Workshops, Tours and Seminars
Greg Downing Bird Photography Workshops, Tours and Seminars
Greg Downing Bird Photography Workshops, Tours and Seminars














Greg Downing Avian Photographic Workshops

Focusing on nature photography, Greg’s workshops and nature photography seminars are designed to take you to some of the best places in the world to teach you how to make technically excellent images of nature, birds and other wildlife with an artistic flair. Greg is very passionate about bird and nature photography and strives to provide the finest instruction during his workshops and tours. He possesses unwavering patience, determination and good humor to ensure an educational and enjoyable nature photography adventure for you!

While each photographic workshop or tour is different, you can expect to cover the following and more:

• Finding and approaching birds and how to see and set up shots.
• Designing the image: Composition, pose, perspective and background.
• Seeing and working with different lighting conditions.
• Exposure theory covering all metering techniques and what to use when.
• Sharpness and long lens technique, converters and extension tubes.
• Action and flight photography techniques.
• Equipment: When to use what and how to work with what you have.
• Flash: Covering both fill-flash and flash-as-main and when and how to use what.
• Scanning, digital darkroom basics, tips and techniques and much more!

Greg’s workshops are kept small so a high level of personalized instruction is available for all skill levels. This enables each bird photo workshop to be tailored for the individual needs of the participants. Smaller groups also minimize the disturbance on the birds while maximizing the photographic opportunities for the photographers. The end result is a better value for your money and time and a more enjoyable photo workshop experience.

Greg's bird photo workshop and tour locations are selected for learning opportunities and the presence of specific bird species and numbers.

Locations include the following as well as other prime spots throughout North America:

Tailored to the needs of photographers from beginners to advanced, Greg addresses your photographic goals on a personal level to ensure you get the most out of the workshop experience.

Individual and custom designed workshops are also available!

For additional information, including currently scheduled bird photography workshops and testimonials from past participants, visit Greg's workshops page:

For general information regarding what is included in each photographic workshop visit Greg's General Workshop Information page.

I am currently the Publisher for a fast-growing and popular online nature photography magazine; NatureScapes.Net, which was created as an online exchange for nature photographers. Our goal is to serve as a resource for those interested in improving their nature photography and as a place where they can share their thoughts, their images, and their passion with others. The content is updated monthly with articles on biology, habitat, behavior, locations, art and technology as it pertains to our craft.